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Posted on 17th May 2024

The ABRS+ is excited to launch a series of FREE online training webinars for riding centres.  The webinars all take place online via zoom and will cover a variety of topics to help educate and inspire business owners and their staff.

The ABRS+ believe strongly in helping all riding centre owners to run successful and profitable businesses which is why the webinars are free to attend for everyone regardless of their affiliation.

You can register for the zoom sessions by following the links below:




Benefitting from Volunteers in your Team

Volunteers are an important resource within a blended equestrian workforce.  It is estimated there are around 3500 to 5000 volunteers supporting equestrian centres in the UK.  It is important to understand how you can use volunteers without breaching legal, tax and other regulations.  There are also step you can take to better recruit, support and retain volunteers.  In this Webinar, George Baber, the ABRS+ Director of Operations and Approvals, will set out a step-by-step approach to the use of volunteers in equestrian establishments and cover some of pitfalls to be avoided.




Key Contractual Considerations for Riding Schools

Jodie Seddon and Laura Hillier, from Aria Grace Law CIC, will discuss business structures, risk management and the key terms in commercial contracts.  The aim of this webinar is to provide riding school proprietors with an awareness of business risk and some understanding of when they should seek legal support to mitigate risk.

The two speakers are extremely experience commercial lawyers:




The Right Legal Structure Structures for your Equine Business

Having the right legal structure for your equestrian business is crucial for protecting personal assets, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, and minimizing liability risks.  In this Webinar, George Baber, ABRS+ Director of Operations and Approvals, will outline the various legal structures that are commonly used and outline the benefits and risks.  The use of Community Interest Companies and other ‘not-for-profit’ company structures will also be discussed.




Delivering Equine Assisted Services – What Does this Mean and Involve?

Riding schools are branching our into equine assisted services as a part of their offering to clients.  Many children, young people and adults find that caring for and riding horses benefits their mental well-being, and this quality time with horses can often be sourced through their local riding schools.  Equine Assisted Therapy, Equine Assisted Intervention, or Equine Assisted Learning can be a really positive experience for people who are struggling with a variety of different challenges.

The webinar will be presented by Dr Grummitt who is one of the founders of Gul Outdoor Therapy and its current CEO. Throughout a long career spanning the Armed Forces, HM Prisons and as a practicing GP within the NHS, Dr Grummitt has remained a passionate advocate for the use of the outdoors, particularly Equine Assisted Services in promoting positive mental health and well being and she is a registered Hill and Moorland leader.




Using ABRS+ Rosettes & Tests to Engage with your Clients

The ABRS+ Test and Rosettes are comprehensive and complementary, providing a  flexible and adaptable structure for supporting ridden and dismounted training for clients, volunteers and staff – both children and adults.  Designed to be progressive, the ABRS+ Tests and Rosettes can be used to incentivise new clients, retaining existing clients, support pony days and camps, used to aid delivery of equine assisted services, and evidence groom training to local authority licencing staff.  In this Webinar, George Baber, ABRS+ Director of Operations and Approvals, will explain the structure of the Tests and Rosettes, how they are run and how they can be used.




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