Equestrian Coaching Pathway

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The Equestrian Coaching Certificate pathway endorsed by UKCC is a standardised approach across equestrian disciplines and focusses on the coaching craft in the context of equestrianism. It usually contains a course with a taught element (the course element is mandatory in Scotland if the candidate is applying for help with funding the qualification) – both in the classroom and practically alongside of the development of a coach portfolio based on clients you are coaching – and an assessment which looks at the your coaching skills (whilst coaching elements from the technical syllabus at each level) and also requires the submission of a portfolio. It does not assess knowledge or expertise in relation to horse care and welfare albeit demonstration of an appreciation of equine health and welfare is necessary as a requirement to register for these qualifications either demonstrated through experience or previous qualifications.

Pre-requisites for the Certificate in Coaching Level 2

  • Must be 18 years old or over
  • Able to understand and communicate in English
  • Hold UKCC Level 1 or BHS Stage 2 or equivalent
  • If no formal qualification, be able to provide 2 references to back up details of their knowledge and teaching experience
  • Be able to practice coaching between training days
  • Hold a valid first aid certificate (copies must be provided before the start of the course)
  • Hold a valid safeguarding certificate (copies must be provided before the start of the course)

Current Courses


Level 2 Certificate in Equestrian Coaching (General Riding)

Level 2 Certificate in Equestrian Coaching (General Riding) Four Winds Equestrian Centre, Spalding, Lincs.

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Statement on the UK Coaching Certificate

For many years, the BEF and its member bodies have been running a coaching pathway in line with the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC). The UKCC is an endorsement, provided by UK Coaching, of a sport’s own externally awarded qualifications used to ensure the levels and standards of coaches across sports conform to common levels.  In equestrian sport we have worked hard to develop our qualifications across the different disciplines and have significantly invested in revamping these qualifications in 2017 to meet the needs of our sport.

Following a recent review commissioned by Sport England, we know the UKCC will remain unchanged for the next 2 years but could change beyond September 2020.

We understand coaches who have been through the ‘UKCC’ coaching pathway with BEF and our member bodies may be concerned at these future changes to the UK Coaching Certificate and that their qualifications may not be valid any longer.

The Coaching Development Action Team (CDAT)* would like to reassure coaches holding UKCC endorsed qualifications that irrespective of the future of UKCC endorsement, these equestrian qualifications will remain an integral part of our coaching pathway as they have been designed and belong to the Federation and its member bodies.  We are therefore all fully committed to these qualifications into the future.  We are already working with CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sports and Physical Activity) to input into the design of any future endorsement and understanding their developing Professional Standards.

In summary, our coach education pathway and the levels (Level 1-4) we have in place will remain and continue to be vital to equestrian sport. Any qualifications coaches have achieved endorsed by UKCC will remain valid and recognised throughout the industry in the UK and internationally for discipline competition coaches through the International Group for Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ) passport.

*CDAT is a group comprised of BEF member bodies who deliver coaching training, education and qualifications