ABRS+ Volunteer of the Year Nominees

Posted on 13th May 2024

We are delighted to again be asking our members to nominate their amazing volunteers for the ABRS+ Volunteer of the Year Award.

Many of our riding centres rely on their wonderful volunteers, and this is your chance to say thank you for all they do. Nominations close on the 26th May, and the winner will be announced during Volunteer Week 3rd – 9th June.

Nominate your exceptional volunteer HERE.

Your Nominees

Kim Couzens – Stoke Lane Stables

Kim volunteers at Stoke Lane Stables and was nominated by Kate Kirkpatrick, the proprietor.  Kate says of Kim:  ‘Kim is just brilliant at everything. She is happy to muck in (literally) at a moments notice and is always happy to be around the ponies. She is the most generous and kind person always making time to support riders, parents and staff.  Kim is always available as a shoulder to cry on, a celebrant of all that we do and upholds our fantastic positive ethos that we are so proud of. We couldn’t do without her.

Nell Brocklehurst – Dulwich Riding School

Nell volunteers at Dulwich Riding School and was nominated by another volunteer, who says: ‘Nell is just overall so helpful on the yard, always doing her best. She has such a kind heart and shows it towards every other volunteer so I think she definitely deserves this!  She is always kind to everyone and treats all other volunteers and other customers with respect, she cares so much about the horses at the yard and is always so hard working. Nell is always smiling and caring which makes the yard overall such a nice place to be!

Sharon Kaill – Dulwich Riding School

Sharon was nominated by a client who rides at Dulwich Riding School, who says that ‘Sharon is such a great Volunteer who really cares for the horses and inspires everyone to do the same. Sharon helps everyone on the yard, and frequently arrives early so that she can do as much as she can.’

Dot Williams – Houston Farm Riding School

Dot Williams has been nominated by the proprietor, staff members and clients of Houston Farm Riding School.  They say that: ‘Dot has for many years given up her free time to help at our yard greeting clients, helping with our volunteers , staff , putting on cake bakes & fairs to raise money for our retired ponies, helps set up games & activities for the children during holidays and supported Houston Farm horses & ponies.

Dot is the kindest, hardest working, patient person. She fosters children, looks after her grandchildren and still volunteers to be in the shop at Houston Farm Riding School. She has a lovely way with both the parents and the children as well as all the other clients and staff. She is also valuable when there are children’s parties and helps keep the helpers etc in line. She has a bright, bubbly attitude and always cheers up others. Dot is a hugely valuable asset to the yard for all the reasons above but also because she would happily go to numerous places to source whatever the horses require if it was needed to be collected or it was difficult to source. She supports all the staff, always lends them an ear and great advice.

Having been through all the training for fostering etc she has an amazing ability to get to the heart of the matter and find solutions.  All of our clients & staff have a great relationship with Dot, she is always warm, welcoming & helps create a friendly atmosphere at the yard.’

Georgia Collingwood – Dulwich Riding School

Georgia is a volunteer at Dulwich Riding Schools and was nominated by other Volunteers.  They say that Georgia: ‘is always so helpful on the yard and is always so kind to the horses and so kind to new volunteers, making them feel at home.  Georgia has a lot of patience when it comes to getting to know people and is an even-tempered, helpful and fun volunteer.  She definitely deserves to be nominated in due to her never ending support and effort to be the best that she can.’

Carla Taylor-Reeves – Dulwich Riding School

Carla, who volunteers at Dulwich Riding School, was nominated by coaches, clients and other staff.  They say of her: ‘Carla is truly a ray of sunshine and always brings a fun upbeat atmosphere to the yard. Her love for the horses shines through even on those wet and rainy days. Carla never misses a day and truly brings light to the yard.  Her passion for the horses is second to none . She is always willing to take on any task she is asked and is always asking questions to further expand her equine knowledge.  Carla is very popular on the yard due to her patience and understanding with other volunteers and the clients. From showing the younger ones how to tack up to showing the clients which horse they will be riding, she always steps forwards and offers her help. The yard works better for her amazing contribution.

Zofia Mahamadou – Dulwich Riding School

Zofia is a volunteer at Dulwich Riding School and was nominated by friends and other volunteers.  ‘I just wanted to nominate Zofia and share how incredible she is. Her dedication and positive contributions have made a significant impact on our lives. From her selflessness to her kindness, she always goes above and beyond to help others. Her hard work in transforming the yard into a beautiful and welcoming space has not gone unnoticed. She has created an environment where people can relax and enjoy nature. Zofia’s impact on the yard is truly remarkable, and we’re so grateful to have her as a friend’ and ‘Zofia has had a significant impact on the staff. Her positive attitude and dedication to her work have inspired and motivated the entire team. She always goes above and beyond to support her colleagues and create a positive work environment. Zofia’s kindness and willingness to help others have made a lasting impression on the staff, and they truly appreciate her presence. Zofia is an extremely hardworking and dedicated person, I believe that she deserves to be nominated as she’s an extremely outstanding and selfless girl.’

Bev Miles – Dulwich Riding School

Bev was nominated by the proprietor of Clack Mill Riding Stables, who said of her: ‘Bev has volunteered for over 20 years and she does everything – sorting out riders when they come, she absolutely loves cleaning tidying, grooms, weeds, and washes ponies.  You name it and Bev does it. The other volunteers, helpers and riders all love Bev.  She is so kind, thoughtful and has a laugh with them . Bev is like gold dust


Well done to everyone and thank you for all of your hard work.

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