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    The ABRS+ is the British Association of Riding Schools, Livery Yards and Equestrian Centres.

    The ABRS, was founded in 1954 and runs Britain’s longest-established riding school scheme. In 2023, the ABRS+ added a new scheme for equestrians who are aiming to set up their own Council Licenced Riding School but have yet to apply for a licence from the Local Authority or Council. The aim of the new scheme is to give access to the wide range of resources and advice on Council Licencing that is available to members through the ABRS+ website and from ABRS+ advisors.  On of the key challenges facing an equestrian setting up a Riding School is answering the question ‘what do I need to do?’; the ABRS+ can help answer this question with pragmatic advice, guidance and ready-to-use policies, plans and forms.

    The ABRS is an association run by yard owners, equestrian professionals or directors who have a passion for the equestrian industry and who understand issues faced by proprietors of equestrian establishments. We understand the challenges that running and owning a riding school can bring. We want to help make the Council Licensing of a new riding school as straightforward as possible.  Longer-term and once you have your riding school up and running, we would hope that you would wish to convert your Flying Start membership to an Approved Riding School membership, and access the full benefits that being an ABRS+ member can bring.

    Find out more about the ABRS+ here


  • As an ABRS+ Flying Start member:

    • You will have access to a range of specific resources that will assist you in setting up, administering and managing a Council Licenced riding school.  This includes:
      • Access to the huge range of resources available exclusively to ABRS+ members through our website.  This includes the policies, plans and forms that will be needed for a Council Licence.
      • Full membership to the Equestrian Employers Association to support all of your employment, HR, health and safety and business needs as well as a free legal helpline (£49.50 value).
    • You, or your staff, can take part in conferences and training sessions designed to help your business reach its full potential including ‘Yard Owner Learning’ online sessions (Free to ABRS+ Members) and safeguarding training.
    • You will benefit from exciting ABRS+ marketing initiatives, including national advertising and editorial placement to raise awareness of the scheme.
    • Access to the Members Benefit Scheme  offering exclusive promotions to our members on products and services.
    • Until you have received Council Licencing and have upgraded your membership, you will not be:
      • Promoted and listed on our website.
      • Able to display the ABRS+ Approved Riding School plaque on your premises and the approved logo on your marketing and documentation.

    See the full list of ABRS+ Member Benefits here


  • Competitive Insurance Products

    15% discount for ABRS approved Riding Establishments and Livery Yards. When using the ABRS recommended Insurance Brokers – ABRS approved riding establishments will receive cover enhancements on certain insurance products. Offers subject to a minimum policy fee.

    Contact Leopard Risk Management on 01423 860205 or 07846 587801 for further information.

  • Flying Start Criteria

    The ABRS+ do not have any criteria for Flying Start membership but we do expect all members, regardless of their membership status to follow our Code of Conduct.

    The ABRS+ offers advisory visits prior to Council Licencing.  The cost of these visits is in addition to the membership and is priced to cover the time required for the visit and to cover and travel costs (see costs below).  There is no obligation for advisory visits, but a visit can be useful to confirm that your yard is ready for the Council Licencing inspectors.

    How else can membership benefit me?

    You can take advantage of our communications network within the equestrian industry: the ABRS has close ties with other key national equestrian bodies. As a member body of British Equestrian, the ABRS will represent you and your views, allowing us to communicate the needs and concerns of livery yard and riding school proprietors to local and national government. This is vitally important in a currently under-represented industry to strengthen the voice for yard owners as a whole. It also means that the ABRS+ is a trusted source of information for our members.

    One of the main aims of this scheme is to create a membership community of yard owners who can work alongside the ABRS+ for the long term benefit of improving the standards of the livery industry, raising the expectations of horse owners, and to create a recognised ‘best practice’ for all yards. There is also the opportunity to have a representative voice should the time arise for the consultation or preparation for the implementation of livery yard licensing.

    Yard owners joining this scheme are investing in the future of the industry for the better.

    Become a member and let us help you turn your riding school into a better business.

    For more details about the application process, or to ask any other questions, please contact us.

  • How much does it cost?

    The ABRS+ Membership year runs the date of the application for 12 months and will continue if subscriptions are paid on the renewal date in subsequent years.

    Annual Membership Fees 2023 – 2024

    Flying Start Membership – £99



    If you would like to discuss any aspect of membership, fees or the application process please email or contact the ABRS+ Office

    If you have not had confirmation that we have received your membership application within 7 days of applying, please contact the ABRS+ Office

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