• Pony Parties

    Lots of fun and excitement can be had from Pony Parties, which can be run year-round whether ridden or unmounted activities, out in the summer sunshine or under shelter in the cooler weather.

    | For Parents: Organising a Pony Party for your Children at one of our ABRS+ Approved riding establishments can help your children learn about riding and horse care in a fun environment, as well as offering a party with a difference in the fresh air and the enjoyment of spending time around ponies, even for those who may not have done it before!

    | For members: Pony Parties give you a fantastic opportunity to earn additional income, and promote your riding lessons, hacks, own-a-pony days and other services that may be of interest to those attending a Pony Party at your centre, as well as encouraging children the fun that can be had in caring for and being around horses and ponies.

    The ABRS+ has all the resources you need to successfully run Pony Parties at your riding establishment. Whether for experienced

    riders, or those who have never visited stables before, we offer a selection of Pony Party Packs which you will receive when you purchase a set of our Party Rosettes.

    There are three separate packs available (three standard and one Unicorn!) and once you have purchased the rosettes and received your Party Pack, you can print them out as often as you like to support your parties. There are activities and games, as well as ideas for mounted and non-mounted activities.

    These can help you plan for your parties subject to the ability and experience of participants- perhaps a gymkhana party, or a group hack, even leading out in-hand or unmounted activities for the more novice riders.

    You could organise a pony tea party, themed fancy dress party or a picnic in the paddock… the opportunities are endless!

    Pony Party Rosettes (which come with certificates to say your party goers have attended a party at your establishment) are available to purchase from the ABRS+ to hand out to your party attendees as a souvenir for the event. You can order these by contacting the office

    As an ABRS+ approved riding establishment, you could also offer a more in-depth ‘Rosette Award’ Pony Party incorporating our ABRS+ Rosette Awards to give participants a taste of the rosette awards, and a more structured Pony party for more experienced riders, or those wanting to learn more about caring for horses or ponies in a fun way… with the benefit to earn additional rosettes, and a certificate of achievement… hopefully giving them a taste to want to learn more.

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