ABRS+ Supports the National Volunteers’ Week

Posted on 21st May 2022

To coincide with the National Volunteers’ Week, which takes place 1st – 7th June, the ABRS+ would like to join with members in thanking the wonderful volunteers who help keep our riding schools, livery yards, riding establishments and RDA centres running.

Volunteers’ Week is an annual celebration of the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering.

Join us this year to recognise the fantastic contribution volunteers make and to say thank you!

You can nominate a volunteer or group of volunteers by emailing george.baber@abrs-info.org or by sending us a message on Facebook (insert link https://www.facebook.com/ABRSofficial) with the following information:

Please limit the nominees to one volunteer or a group of volunteers per ABRS+ member.

A volunteer is a person who is not paid and does not fill a role that should be filled by a paid employee.

Nominations must be sent in by the Fri 6 June.

Nominees will be announced during Volunteers Week on, or shortly after, 7th June.

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