Second On-Line Meeting on Council Licensing

Posted on 30th May 2022

ABRS+ held the second online meeting with Riding Establishment proprietors on Monday 30 May 22.  The meeting, one of a series that will be held in the coming months, to review Guidance to the Council Licensing Regulations in England.

At the last meeting, held in April 22, the following conclusions were reached from a review of the Introduction to the Guidance:

The meeting on 30 May 22, started to review Section A of the Guidance.  The following observations were made:

Yards struggled to provide structured induction training on animal welfare – having both the appropriate materials and finding time in delivery.    They would value an online training package to cover the induction requirement – supported by a certificate of attainment.

The Guidance introduced a requirement that staff who care for the horses are competent by experience and training or through having undertaken L2 training.  There is an option for competence to be gained through an industry-led course.  In the context of the ABRS+, we need to provide advise on which test would provide the agreed level of competence (ie equivalent to a L2 course) to meet the licensing requirement.

ABRS+ could support members with a series of on-line 45 min CPD events from October to March in the lunch hour (13.00 to 14.00)

ABRS+ Conference could be open to all, and provide CPD events for Proprietors and staff (with just the AGM closed to ABRS+ members)

The regulations effectively prohibit the use of barbed wire.  There were mixed views on whether barbed wire is an issue  – and its use is prevalent where farming and riding coexist.  The general view is that the primary issue is effective maintenance – whether barbed wire, tensile cable or post & rail.

While most riding establishments had a pasture management plan, its production was generally to satisfy the regulations rather than meet a real need.  Additionally, most schools do not record field maintenance – which is ongoing all the time.  The view is that the regulations drive bureaucracy rather than deliver genuine benefit.

The next meeting will be published on FB and the ABRS+ website.

The ABRS+ has met with the BEF, BHS, RDA and PC to establish a group to jointly represent the Industry during the DEFRA review.  The first meeting will be held on Mon 6 Jun.

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