EEA Launch Scottish Contract Creator

The Equestrian Employers Association (EEA) has added a Scottish template to its innovative online Contract Creator, to comply with Scottish and Northern Irish employment law.

The slick five step easy-to-use employment contract creator is a legal document, suitable for all staff employed in Scotland, and is required by law.



A recent survey identified that approximately 57% of the 1,300 grooms which took part are employed illegally and do not have a written Statement of Particulars (aka written contract).

The EEA Scottish Contract Creator is fully supported by HorseScotland. Patrick Print OBE, Chair of HorseScotland said, “The correct and legal employment of all those working in the Scottish equestrian industry is paramount to enabling our industry to move forwards and something with HorseScotland advocates. Poor employment practices are not appropriate and we are delighted to be working with the Equestrian Employers Association to educate and support our Scottish employers.”

Lucy Katan, Executive Director of the EEA added, “Employers must receive this written document within their first two months of employment, but if you have not yet issued one then it’s not too late to do so. A written contract exists to protect employers and their business, and with this easy to use online tool now available, all employers can easily adhere to the legislation. We hope that this innovation will see equestrian employment modernise further and positions without written contracts put into the past.”

Highly concerning is also the number of grooms that are employed and then‘told’ that they are self-employed; this is extremely illegal and is tax evasion and would result in large HMRC fines if prosecuted. The ramifications for these employees is significant as it means that all their employment rights are non-existent.

The Contract Creator is a free to use tool for all employers signed up to the Equestrian Employers Association, available at for just £37.50 per year, where you can find access to lots of other legal documents, practical help and support.

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