By choosing a livery yard that is Certified or Approved by the ABRS+, you can be reassured that you are keeping your horse or pony on livery at a professionally managed establishment where the ABRS+ have deemed an excellent level of skill, competence, management and welfare are available to clients and their equines. The scheme enables livery yards to demonstrate hallmarks of quality thereby raising their standing within the industry and providing assurance to existing and potential clients.

The criteria set out for Certified or Approved livery yards is created bespoke for each yard as the ABRS+ understands that there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ livery yard and with such a wide range of yard and livery package types, each livery yard or equestrian centre is assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure they meet the necessary standards and best practice recommendations for the services ad facilities they offer.

At the very minimum, we can assure you that a Certified Livery Yard has been assessed to ensure they:

  • Have a good level of knowledge in Equestrian Care and Management
  • Have appropriately trained and insured staff (where applicable)
  • Provide well-maintained stabling, grazing, and riding facilities
  • Hold Public Liability Insurance
  • Hold care, Custody ad Control Insurance (where appliable)
  • Offer Livery Contracts
  • Maintain suitable Client and Horse Records
  • Have undertaken a Health and Safety Risk Assessment

Approved Livery Yard members have an extra tier of accreditation from the ABRS following an inspection visit. This gives an additional reassurance to their clients and prospective clients that your premises and paperwork have been inspected by an independent assessor.

These assessed items should be ‘best practice’ for all livery yards but sadly not all meet these standards. The ABRS+ ensures their clients meet these and therefore would encourage prospective livery clients to seek a certified or approved establishment to ensure they are keeping their horse at a well-managed, professional establishment.