Why become an ABRS Certified Livery Yard?

At the ABRS we understand the challenges that running and owning a livery yard can bring. We also recognise that no two yards are the same.

By becoming an approved or certified livery yard with the ABRS, you can be assured that we will support you every step of the way. As an ABRS approved or certified livery yard your clients can be satisfied that you offer the highest standards of management, care and welfare.

The scheme is open to all livery yards of any size, offering any level of facilities and any type of livery package.

The new livery yard scheme from the ABRS will undoubtedly be a welcome addition enabling yard owners to understand and promote best practice and management of their yards and facilities.

Why should I join?

As an ABRS Livery Yard member:

  • You will be promoted and listed on our website and in our literature as one of our Approved or Certified Livery Yards
  • You will be promoted on LiveryList and have access to a range of specific resources to support your livery business
  • You can display the ABRS Livery Yard plaque on your premises
  • You can take part in conferences and training sessions designed to help your business reach its full potential
  • As a member body of British Equestrian, the ABRS will represent you and your views to BEF and other key national equestrian bodies
  • We will communicate your needs and concerns to local and national government.
  • You will benefit from exciting ABRS marketing initiatives, including national advertising and editorial placement. Such initiatives will aim to promote our members and the benefit of seeking an approved yard
  • Full membership to the Equestrian Employers Association to support all of your employment, HR, health and safety and business needs, with access to Employers Minds mental health and well-being support, as well as a free legal helpline
  • Members Benefit Scheme – products and services offering exclusive promotions.
  • You will have access to professional advisors, support and resources.

Membership Options

Because we know that every yard is unique there are two different membership options available to you.

Certified Livery Yard:

Certified ABRS Livery Yard members will be able to display the ABRS plaque assuring existing and potential new clients that they offer a quality service alongside the highest standard of care. ABRS members can also enjoy a number of benefits including access to support, being represented at national level, plus access to downloads, tools and discounts.

We are delighted to offer an introductory price of £99 per year.

Approved Livery Yard: 

Approved Livery Yard members can access all of the benefits of the Certified membership, with the addition of an extra tier of accreditation from the ABRS following an accreditation visit. Giving an additional reassurance to clients that your premises and paperwork have been inspected.

Only Certified yards may apply to become approved by requesting an accreditation visit. Visits cost £80 plus HMRC mileage rate for the travel of the accreditor.

*If you need support filling out your membership application, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help support you and your yard.

Already an ABRS Riding School Member?

If you would like to add Livery Yard membership to your existing membership you can simply do so here. For just an additional £20 per year.

Contact ABRS

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Telephone: +44 (0)1403 741188
Email: office@abrs-info.org

Office Opening Hours

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Frequently asked questions

What is the ABRS Livery Yard Membership?

The ABRS Livery Yard Membership allow Livery Yards to become ABRS Certified, or ABRS Approved, depending on the tier of membership you require.

The scheme will offer much needed support and recognition to yard owners, and peace of mind to horse owners that all approved and certified yards within the ABRS scheme offer a high standard of care and welfare.

How do I join?

Simply click here and complete the livery yard application form online, you will then be forwarded to PayPal to pay your subscription fee. Our office team will then email with a member login and  you to ask you for the following documentation:

  • Health and Safety Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety Plan
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Care, Custody and Control Insurance
  • Employers Liability (if applicable)
  • A map of the establishment
  • Photographs of the facilities

If you work with Under 18’s or at risk adults you will need to have Safeguarding Policies and Procedures in place and a Human Welfare Officer appointed.

If you need help to provide any of the documents you can access lots of useful member resources including the risk assessment creator and our office team will be happy to help in any way.

For help and support contact the office on 01403 741188 or email office@abrs-info.org.

What will I get?

Livery Yard members will be able to display their own unique ABRS plaque assuring existing and potential new clients that they offer a quality service alongside the highest standard of care.

ABRS members will enjoy benefits including representation at national level, access to advice and support through regular discussions with Trustees and Advisors, visits if needed,  a helpline, a regular newsletter, and of course the website for information, updates, and tools. You will also be listed on our ABRS Directory.

How much does it cost?

We are delighted to be able to offer you a preferential rate of £99 to become a certified Livery Yard.

Certified yards may apply to become Approved by requesting an accreditation visit. Visits cost £80 plus HMRC mileage rate for the travel of the accreditor.

Do I have to be part of a riding school to join?

Absolutely not. We welcome livery yards of all sizes from across all disciplines.

Yards that are existing ABRS members may join the Certified Livery Yard membership for an additional £20.

Competitive insurance products offering substantial discounts for ABRS approved Riding Schools

When using the ABRS recommended Insurance Brokers – ABRS approved schools will receive cover enhancements on certain insurance products.

Contact Leopard Risk Management on 01423 860205/07846 587801 for further information.