ABRS+ In the Media… Again!

Posted on 6th September 2021

We have had the opportunity to provide a series of articles in both Absolute Horse magazine, and Everything Horse magazine over the summer, and on through the autumn and winter. Last month our articles focused on educating horse owners as how to find a ‘good’ livery yard, whether they are first-time pony owners, or experienced owners of many years there are always pitfalls that can be avoided by having a simple checklist of ‘best practice and expectations when looking for a yard to try to find the most suitable yard for your needs. 

You can read our article in Absolute Horse “Asking the Right Questions When Looking for a New Yard” here
You can view the article in the full magazine in the September/ October Issue (page 21)

You can read our article in Everything Horse “Change is Coming” here
You can view the article in the full magazine in the August Issue (pages 42-45)

In conjunction with these articles, the ABRS+ has published a downloadable ‘Guide for Horse Owners: Finding a Livery Yard’ as the first installment of their new guide series

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