All riding establishments, by law, must be licensed to operate their business and the Riding Establishments Act 1964 1970 The license is granted by local authorities be this to a riding school, trekking centre or similar equestrian establishment offering riding lessons or horses for hire.

In addition to this council licensing, the ABRS+ conducts its own approval scheme, setting a high standard for the care of horses and requiring confidence that the instruction given is well presented and correct. The size of the facility is irrelevant, and there are member establishments of all sizes, with a range of facilities. Provided they meet the required high standards of care and attention to both horse and rider, meet the membership requirements and agree to abide by the ABRS+ code of conduct, they are accepted as members following completion of the accreditation process. YOu can also be assured that our approved riding establishments have undertaken training in safeguarding and child protection.

By using an ABRS+ approved riding establishment you can be reassured that you are learning to ride, or continuing your equestrian education, at a professionally managed establishment where the ABRS+ has deemed an excellent level of skill, competence, management, and welfare are available to pupils, clients and the equines in the care of the premises.

The ABRS+ and its member riding establishments support riders of any age, background or riding level. The aim is to encourage, develop and increase knowledge in equestrian sports. We have almost 200 approved riding establishments across the UK who offer a range of riding lessons, trekking, and other equestrian training whether you are learning to ride, or have done for many years.

At an ABRS+ approved riding school or livery yard, you can have the opportunity to take a variety of practical-based ABRS graded tests or awards in stable management and equitation such as the ABRS+ Progressive Rider Tests, Rosette Awards and Equestrian Care Awards which encourages and assists development in all areas of horsemanship.