04 Apr 2019

The exciting sport called Horsebal

The ABRS has linked up with Horseball to offer all ABRS members the opportunity to introduce Horseball into their schools.

We see this as an opportunity to increase income for schools, allowing you to offer this exciting and growing sport to your existing clients and maybe attract new ones. It is a game that all schools can take part in – it is not only for speedy young people who want to hurl themselves around a school!!

The ABRS and Horseball would love to develop a competition where teams from schools take part at a basic level and who knows where that could lead? Maybe one of your clients could be at the next WEG!!

Please read this flyer carefully, if you have any questions then please contact Jim. We will also be holding demonstrations which we will invite you all to come to and see the potential for yourselves.

To help schools get going Horseball have made a fantastic offer – read on for more details