21 Jul 2019

Test League Winners 2018-19

The ABRS would like to congratulate all winners of 2018-19 test leagues and thank you all for your support throughout the past year.

The winners of the Equitation and Stable Management leagues are Alder Root and South Weylands respectively. Well done to both, Alder Root retains the trophy for another year and South Weylands will soon be receiving the Stable Management trophy as soon as it arrives back in the office from the previous winner.

After speaking with Christine McIlveen at Alder Root, she explained how holding ABRS tests every year in October keeps their school financially viable over this, generally, quiet period.  Christine is very enthusiastic about ABRS tests and has very kindly offered to talk to anyone who is interested in how she runs them and makes them profitable.  Christine can be reached at Alder Root on 07595 396759.

Click here for the full results.