British Equestrian (BE) and the ABRS+ consider the safety and enjoyment of young people whilst participating in any horse sport to be paramount. The BEF and ABRS+ recognize that they have a duty of care towards young people and vulnerable adults. The BE Safeguarding and Child Protection course has been designed to raise awareness of these issues within the equine industry as well as provide detailed guidance on what to do if certain situations arise.

We ask our riding school Welfare Officers to attend a BEF or Sports Coach UK Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop, and would also advise it is undertaken by livery yard proprietors or managers if deemed necessary. Individuals who complete the course obtain a ‘Safeguarding in Equestrian Sport’ qualification. This qualification is valid for three years and can go towards the requirements needed for a UK Coaching Certificate (1st4Sport) certificate.

The initial course must be attended in person; Online courses are available but only accepted when used as a follow-up within three years. This training will be required unless participants work with children as part of their profession i.e. school teacher, nursery worker etc. If they do we then ask them to provide documentary evidence which must satisfy the following criteria.

You can find upcoming Safeguarding course details below, or please contact the ABRS office