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ABRS Progressive Rider Tests have been specifically designed to provide a logical and progressive system of training, giving all riders a structured programme of realistic stepping stones to achieve their equestrian goals.


  • Valuable source of income from running the Tests
  • Additional indirect income from candidates booking extra practice lessons prior to their test
  • A way for clients to learn more about animal care and welfare in the form of Stable Management Tests
  • A route to getting to know your clients and understanding their needs better
  • An effective means of improving clients’ confidence both on the ground and in the saddle
  • A good motivator, enabling clients to monitor progress and feel a real sense of achievement through graded tests
  • Stepping stone for customers who wish to go into the equine industry
  • A way of raising safety awareness
  • A useful structure for your staff to work to
  • A useful means for proprietors to assess current skill levels of staff and maintain standards of instruction
  • The tests can be altered and adapted to suit your own system and school.
  • You can incorporate them into regular lessons, use them on Pony Days and Courses, have them as compulsory, or optional – it’s entirely up to you.
  • Remember – as well as improving your rider’s skills and confidence, the tests can provide you with additional income. There is no fixed test fee.


Tests A to E in Equitation and Stable Management provide a very gentle introduction for very young children of nervous riders.


Candidates begin with Equitation Test 1 of the ABRS Progressive Rider Tests, which encompasses the most basic aspects of learning to ride, and can progress through to Equitation Test 10, which includes lateral work and riding a dressage test. Jumping is not mandatory and alternative sections are available in the syllabus for those opting not to jump.


These Tests are designed to enhance knowledge of horse care and management. Tests 1 to 10 cover the key aspects of liking after a horse.
The Tests provide invaluable know-how and confidence for parents of horse mad children who are beginning to feel a little out of their depth when they are roped in to help out with a pony!


Guideline books have been produced that accompany the Equitation and Stable Management Tests 1-10 & Lunge Unit, to help both instructors and clients in their preparation for theses tests. They are designed to encourage all those who have an association with horses and ponies to learn and become competent, not only in equitation, but also in the animal’s care and welfare. This takes time and continual practice, until a degree of competence is reached.


Wherever possible, the ABRS encourages member schools to use an external tester to assess candidates. However as this can be difficult to arrange in certain locations, a member of the school’s own staff may assess Tests A to E and 1 to 4, on the strict understanding that the tester has not been involved in preparing the candidates for the test being taken. To test higher levels Testers will need to fill in a Tester Registration form and send it back to Head Office.


To keep candidates keen, a formal certificate is awarded for every Test. The Tests are recognised as a respected standard of equestrian achievement.

To enquire about the tests, purchasing test materials or any other questions, please contact the ABRS+ Office 

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