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The Equestrian Care Awards (ECA’s) have been devised to give a structure to your helpers’ training, encourage greater awareness of Health and Safety around the yard and to recognise their progress. Improving the standard of your helpers can make your lives easier and your ponies lives more comfortable.

There are 3 levels of tests:

  • Entry – recommended minimum age 10
  • Intermediate – recommended minimum age 12
  • Senior –   recommended minimum age 14

Candidates may start at any level but it is not recommended that anyone goes straight to Senior Level unless there are exceptional circumstances. Some elements of the logbook may be covered by APL.*

The tests are:

  • Proprietor driven – you decide how to deliver the training, what to charge for the training and how each element is to be assessed.
  • Log book-based – completed over a period of time, with no time limit. Master copies of the logbooks can be downloaded from this page or emailed to you free of charge. If you need a printed copy please send a self-addressed C4 envelope (stamped for large letter post) to Head Office.
  • Tested In-House – by a member of staff who is a registered tester.

Completed logbooks should be sent to Head Office with a copy of the Tests Cover Sheet and appropriate fee. Electronic copies are accepted also sent via email in their entirety. Candidates will receive certificates and their achievements will be added to the ABRS qualifications database.

To enquire about the tests, purchasing test materials or any other questions, please contact the ABRS+ Office 

*Accreditation of Prior Learning

For example:

The element in the Senior Level Award: Dismantle and clean a set of tack and put it back together, is covered by one of the elements of Stable Management Test 3: Clean a set of tack and be able to explain and demonstrate what to look for when checking tack. This will entail stripping a set of tack and putting it back in its original state. A candidate who has passed Stable Management Test 3 can immediately have this element of their log book signed off without being re-tested.

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