09 Jan 2018

New Product Launch from Caviera – Raviera with Lavendar

Caviera Bedding is pleased to announce the addition of a fourth horse bedding product into its range; Raviera with Lavender uses the same high quality oil seed rape straw, which is then processed to create a highly absorbent and dust extracted bedding.

The addition of Lavender essential oil benefits both horse and owner with a pleasant fragrance, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties and a harmless bittering agent discourages bed eating. Trials of the Lavender infused bedding were very successful with riders enjoying the calming Lavender fragrance whilst those horses who may have had a tendency to bed eat, were found to be less likely to.

Raviera with Lavender is expected to retail between £7.50 -£8.00 (prices may vary between retailers) and is available now. It joins therest of the very successful range of high quality bedding products from Cavierawhich include:Raviera – chopped and dust extracted oil seed rape strawRaviera Pro – as Raviera but with an addition of a sterilisation process Cavianthus – chopped and dust extracted miscanthus grass.

The oil seed rape straw and miscanthus grass that is used in the production of Caviera’s bedding range, is grown, harvested and processed onsite at the farm near Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

“We’re thrilled to be adding to our range with our new Lavender infused bedding. Year on year we’ve seen steady growth, but recentmonths have been particularly busy, which is partly down to increased brandrecognition but also repeat business generated from our consistently highquality standards.”  Commented Nick Walker, Director.

Caviera’s range of horse bedding is fast becoming the preferred premium horse bedding. It is stocked by retailers across the UK and preferred by livery and professional competition yards because of its low dust content, efficiency and fast rotting properties.

Any stockists interested in the new Raviera with Lavender or any of the products from the range should contact Nick Walker on 01302 759 420 or nick@cavierabedding.co.uk 

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