East Boldon Riding Centre

East Bolton Riding Centre’s ethos revolves around four key values that are at the heart of what we do here which enables both a positive and encouraging environment for everyone.

Firstly, Instilling Care

A caring environment for both our horses and our riders radiates throughout from our team. We want every single person who steps into our yard to feel both welcome and cared for. We will always be approachable, kind and a friendly face for our riders and horses to depend upon.

Secondly, Building Courage

It takes a great deal of courage to begin a riding journey, to put yourself out there takes guts, determination and trust. This courage and trust can only be achieved within a caring environment where we are passionate about building each other up.

Thirdly, Encouraging Confidence.

Confidence will build once you feel enabled to pick yourself back up when you fall, knowing that someone from our team will be straight there helping you back up. Confidence will also flourish when you see our team cheering you on and supporting you along the way. Ultimately, confidence comes when you know you are cared for and have the courage to be brave, striving to push yourself when you are readily confident.

Lastly, Creating Smiles.

Seeing smiles on our yard and hearing the sound of laughter and fun is the greatest reward of all. We understand that for our riders to feel happy they need to be enabled through care and kindness, trusting our team and having the courage to believe in themselves resulting in confident, happy riders. After all, happy riders make the best riders.

Facilities and Lessons.

We provide individual, group and jumping lessons, offer hacks and hold pony parties using our excellent facilities.  These include both an indoor and large outdoor arena.  We cater for all ages – adults and children.

We also offer Equine Assisted Therapy.

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