Cross Trees Livery

Cross Trees Livery provides extensive grass livery and offers:

  • Retirement Livery:  One of the hardest moments for owners is deciding when to retire your horse. Is there an age, an injury, a time in their life (or your life) when it’s best to retire? The truth is there isn’t one answer for everyone, but I say to everyone, you know in your gut when your horse is telling you they’re ready.  We offer a bespoke service to suit you and your horse.
  • Injury Retirement:  Qualified, Professional Equine Care  All the horses on our retirement livery farm are cared for by professional equine personnel, working with your horse’s welfare as our primary concern. Many equine injuries result in rest which is a crucial part of recovery. We have seen many horses come through the gates with no hope of ever recovering, yet time on grass has seen them thrive and in many cases recover. For our injured or recovering horses, medication is often required as are extra care and closer inspections, these are all part of the service. Our experienced team work closely with Veterinary Experts throughout the world and have experience with most cases of severe injury and recovery, from classic check ligaments and DDFT injuries, to gastric ulcers and chronic colic.

Our packages are all inclusive to make budgeting throughout the year easier. You are never given a last minute bill you weren’t expecting.  Packages include

  • Checks minimum twice a day
  • Rugged/De-rugged
  • Feed
  • Unlimited Hay
  • Farrier Trims
  • Grooms
  • Baths
  • Weight Management
  • Veterinary Appointments
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