Sustainable Environmental Practices for Equine Businesses and Why It Matters

Equestrianism is a sport of the land and its relationship with nature is a fundamental part of its DNA.  Modern practices have created a negative impact on the environment, but it is possible to see a future in which equestrianism has a net positive impact on environmental sustainability, through passionate and deliberate support of biodiversity schemes and a careful progression away from the use of fossil fuels and excessive resource use.  Thus, as part of our privileged relationship with horses, there is an overwhelming need for all involved in equestrianism to take positive steps to protect the natural environment that sustains them.

Ruth Dancer is a Director with White Griffin, a specialist consultancy focused on supporting the sport and culture industries with transitioning their operations to a sustainable future.  In the Webinar, Ruth will  discuss the finding a research project, commissioned by the British Equestrian (BEF) and Horse Sport Ireland, which sought to understand the risks, challenges and opportunities of environmental sustainability in British and Irish equestrianism. The project took six months and included an evaluation of the industry baseline in both countries, as well as provided a
series of recommendations based on the findings.

Ruth will also introduce the Equine Carbon Calculator, which allows equine businesses to calculate their carbon footprint as one step in working out how to reduce emissions and remove as much carbon dioxide from the air.

Monday 20th May 2024 to Monday 20th May 2024



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