Delivering Equine Assisted Services – What Does this Mean and Involve?

Riding schools are branching our into equine assisted services as a part of their offering to clients.  Many children, young people and adults find that caring for and riding horses benefits their mental well-being, and this quality time with horses can often be sourced through their local riding schools.  Equine Assisted Therapy, Equine Assisted Intervention, or Equine Assisted Learning can be a really positive experience for people who are struggling with a variety of different challenges. This might be a diagnosed mental health condition such as depression or anxiety, learning difficulties, issues with school and attendance, or a difficult time at home such as bereavement or divorce. There is also particularly strong evidence for the effectiveness of these fields when those that have additional needs such as Autism or ADHD.

However, there are many types of equine assisted support and it is important that clients choose the right one for their family circumstances, and that those delivering services understand which services they can deliver safely and which they should not.  In this webinar, the range of equine assisted services will be discussed and, with this, the training that those delivering these services should have to do so safely.

The webinar will be presented by Dr Grummitt who is one of the founders of @Gul Outdoor Therapy and its current CEO. Throughout a long career spanning the Armed Forces, HM Prisons and as a practicing GP within the NHS, Dr Grummitt has remained a passionate advocate for the use of the outdoors, particularly Equine Assisted Services in promoting positive mental health and well being and she is a registered Hill and Moorland leader.

Monday 8th July 2024 to Monday 8th July 2024



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