BETA Lorinery (Bits & Bitting) Course

Who should attend? Saddlery retailers, saddle and bridle fitters, equine dental technicians, vets,
equine physiotherapists and other body workers, grooms, coaches and other equestrian
professionals. In addition this would be an interest to any horse enthusiasts with a desire to build up
a sound base knowledge of horse bits and bitting.

What it’s about? Appropriate bit selection is fundamental to successful riding, sound equitation
and most importantly horse welfare – but many find the subject daunting and confusing.
This course aims to bring clarity to this detailed subject to help you to advise on and select suitable
bitting solutions.

It includes:

  • Horse conformation and how it influences bit selection
  • How best to assist riders with bit selection and purchasing decisions
  • An understanding of the role the anatomy of the mouth plays and the importance of
    routine checks
  • What influence does breeding have on the bit selection
  • The difference between metals and alloys and why one may be preferred over
  • Key information needed to best advise bit and bridle selection at the point of

Please note that while this classroom based tuition will provide a sound foundation of knowledge,
that it is not a bit fitting course as such.  This course will be presented via Webinar using Zoom.

Course Recognition: A certificate of attendance is provided.

To Book go to:

If you would like more information about the day and a detailed timetable please email

10/08/2022 to 10/08/2022

9.15 to 16.00


£60 per place

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