Initial Teaching Test

The main objective of the Initial Teaching Test (ITT) is to prove the competence of a student to instruct safely under supervision. Getting the basics right means that riders can progress and sometimes this aspect is not always given sufficient time or respect.

The safe practice of everything from the rider’s first introduction to the horse to teaching canter is something that needs to be seen – not just written or talked about and in keeping with all ABRS tests, the criteria are practical.

A simple workbook ensures that all aspects are covered and since it is a tickbox workbook there is no arduous writing up to be done.

Candidates are encouraged to go on to the ABRS UKCC L2.

Why train for the ABRS Initial Teaching Test?

  • It is industry based
  • Minimum academic content – maximum practical
  • All tasks covered – work to logbook
  • Can be taken in-house
  • Pathway suitable for mature students
  • Suitable for part-time learning
  • Recognition of quality work based