Rider Training

Your riding establishment or livery yard will belong to a professional body representing hundreds of professional riding establishments across the UK. Your pupils and clients can be reassured that they are learning to ride, or continuing their equestrian education, at a professionally managed establishment where the ABRS+ have deemed an excellent level of skill, competence, management, and welfare are available to pupils, clients and the equines in the care of the premises.

As an ABRS+ approved riding school or livery yard, you can also offer your pupils and clients the opportunity to take a variety of practical-based ABRS graded tests or awards in stable management and equitation such as: 

ABRS Progressive Rider Tests have been specifically designed to provide a logical and progressive system of training. They give adult and child riders a structured program to achieve their equestrian goals both in the saddle and on the ground.

10 Stable Management and 10 Riding Rosettes – a fun way to learn more about ponies / horses with the added bonus of a Rosette and Certificate!

Equestrian Care Awards are logbook based and are designed to encourage young helpers in riding establishments to develop increasing competence in assisting before, during and after lessons and a growing awareness of Health and Safety around the yard.

For Riding School and Livery Yard clients: Ask your certified or approved establishment about the availability of this rider training

For Member Establishments: You can find further details, resources and order facility in your Members Area