How to Enrol

Before enrolling staff: please read

The Responsible Groom – CPD Course

The Association of British Riding Schools have partnered with Lingfield Equine Distance Learning to offer an affordable Certificated Equine CPD course for ABRS grooms and staff (employees on the payroll) for 2019-2020.

A short, simple professionally produced CPD course for ABRS grooms and staff beyond foundation level (pilot year 2019-2020).

  • Distance learning to future proof your business
  • Build skills for today, tomorrow and beyond
  • Fast, economical, flexible completion dates
  • Easy and user friendly

Employer simply tailors course timetable to fit own needs

Grooms CPDThis online course cover topics relevant to employees at commercial riding establishments.  The economical way to provide certificated proof of staff training, to abide by current legislation and to avoid traveling to and from or attending set training courses.

The course for 2019-2020 includes topics relevant specifically to your type of equine hire business. Many of the topics are outside the normal sphere of equine management so do not conflict with or duplicate regular equine training.

Topics explain regulations & working policies and how they affect the daily lives of your staff, the animals they care for and your customers. The course is aimed at those beyond foundation level.

On completion, your staff member will have a better understanding of how your business works in today’s regulated world and just as importantly, why those regulations are in place. The material incorporates details on staff responsibilities relating to policies, teamwork, awareness of current regulations and mindfulness of the welfare of others both human and animal.

The course will be of real benefit not only to your staff members – but by default, to you their employer. Be aware: To enrol your employees you will need the last four letters of your ABRS schoolcode. If you are unsure of your school code, please call the ABRS office on 01403 741188 or email


  • Staff guided online integrated training
  • No loss of full working days
  • Flexible completion dates
  • Easy online enrollment
  • Immediate start
  • Online card payment

What does it provide for the ABRS employer?

  • Proof of training for legislation purposes
  • Staff regulated & guided training, integrated with work timetable
  • Provider checked online assignments for ABRS Certification
  • Negligible employer input throughout
  • ABRS Certificates - digital and printable
  • Two ABRS staff members may share a course for just £20 per course
  • A saving of £50 per 2 employees for ABRS members