Progressive Rider Tests

If you haven’t got your own horse but want to set yourself some goals to improve your riding, the ABRS+ Progressive Rider Tests could be your perfect option.

The ABRS recognises that not everyone is lucky enough to own a horse. Financial and time constraints mean that many riders rely on getting their ‘equine fix’ on a weekly basis, with a much looked-forward-to riding session at their local approved centre.

The ABRS+ also understands that many horse owners are new to horse ownership, and particularly those of a younger age are often moving on from regular lessons at riding schools. In either case, continued training and education in equitation and stable management are worthwhile to benefit both horse and rider.

ABRS+ Progressive Rider Tests have been specifically designed to provide a logical and progressive system of training. They give adult and child riders a structured programme of realistic stepping stones to achieve their equestrian goals both in the saddle and on the ground. The tests can also be adapted as necessary to suit riders with a disability.

For Riding School and Livery Yard clients: Ask your certified or approved establishment about the availability of this rider training

For Member Establishments: You can find further details, resources and order facility in your Members Area

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