Work Experience Warning

Posted on 10th December 2018

Be warned –  do not accept private work experience students!  One of our members  became concerned about a work experience student shortly after she began working, and a safeguarding issue surfaced.  Through this being followed up through the correct channels, it became clear that in order to get a placement  both the girl and her Mother had lied about her age – claiming she was 18 months older than she actually was.

Luckily this story ended without prosecution for our member, but he urges us to warn you all, and says ‘ please tell other proprietors to make sure they only take on work experience students through a proper organization when all the processes will be done for you and you will be protected’.

On a similar note, please make sure any ‘helpers’ or workers for reward, age 13+ have a local council work permit. (NO, you cant just give them a ½ hr ride in return for 10 hours mucking out and leading!)

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