Why implementing a low level concerns policy is an essential part of your centre’s Safeguarding

Posted on 25th February 2020

Farrer & Co’s Safeguarding Unit’s guide on developing and implementing a low-level concerns policy is an essential read as part of your approach to Safeguarding the children who use your centre.

The guide demonstrates, through case studies, how the early identification of problematic or inappropriate behaviour can minimise the risk of abuse and help ensure that the adults working for or with your centre are clear about professional boundaries and act within them. Farrer & Co emphasise that for a low level concerns policy to be effective it is essential that the culture of the organisation encourages openness and transparency, where early reporting of behaviours that are of concern are taken seriously and dealt with appropriately.

The  guidance which can be found here, explains how organisations which work with children can develop and implement a written low-level concerns policy, as part of a culture that enables staff to share any concerns, however small,  and how these concerns should be responded to.

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