Update to ABRS statement in relation to Horse Haven (05/05/2020)

Posted on 5th May 2020

Since 2018 local authorities are the issuing body for the licencing of riding schools in the UK. To operate as a riding school an application must be made to the local authority to obtain a licence.

Before a licence can be issued the local authority will carry out an inspection of the riding school, accompanied by a veterinary professional.

To become ABRS approved a riding school must possess a current licence. The ABRS role is to support Members in the successful operation of their business.

ABRS  acknowledges that there have been a series of complaints surrounding one of our approved centres, Horse Haven.  In accordance with ABRS complaints procedure Horse Haven’s ABRS membership was suspended whilst investigations were carried out by the licensing authority.

North Lanarkshire District Council is the Licensing Authority which issued the licence to Horse Haven. During March 2020 the North Lanarkshire District Council carried out two inspections of Horse Haven accompanied by a veterinary professional. The first inspection was planned and the second inspection was unannounced.

Following these two inspections the ABRS was informed by the licensing authority that the licence for Horse Haven will be issued. Therefore ABRS is able to confirm that the suspension of Horse Haven from ABRS membership has now been lifted.

Any complaint which the reader may have in relation to Horse Haven must be directed to North Lanarkshire District Council tradingstandards@northlan.gov.uk.

The ABRS will only  enter into further correspondence on Horse Haven if it should receive an adverse report from the Licensing Authority.

The ABRS take all complaints seriously. The welfare of the equines, and people at the heart of our approved centres are paramount. We would like to remind complainants that any unfounded complaints can expose them to legal action.

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