Unveiling of Free Spirit Memorial

Posted on 4th June 2019

A tribute to the unique contribution made by horses throughout history in times of war. Recognising their continuing service to human-kind in work, Rehabilitation, Education, Sport and Leisure.

The role of the horse through history has been an important part of the projects aim to educate and enlighten those of all ages regarding the role these admirable animals have played not only in times of conflict, but in building thriving businesses and the creation of successful industry in our country.

Free Spirit acknowledges the essential contribution that the horse has made to human-kind throughout history and celebrates the unique relationship between man and horse that continues to exist today through work, rehabilitation, sport and leisure.

The horse has been central to the community at Free Spirit; this intelligent, compassionate and emotive animal breaks down barriers and is unprejudiced in their approach to everyone who works with them. It is an honour to have horses in our lives and Free Spirit feels privileged to be given the opportunity to respect their support and friendship in bronze to last for centuries.

The memorial expresses endurance, service and partnership and represents quiet determination and trust, inspiration for which came from young people. The project has brought together individuals from all ages and backgrounds sharing the importance of the horse to different generations, races, ethnicities and religions. The groundwork was carefully designed to welcome all visitors, regardless of mobility or disability, allowing all members of society to enjoy the memorial together. A non-slip, wheelchair friendly path allows smooth access for those with decreased mobility, as well as offering those with visual impairment a distinct, definable entrance and exit to the memorial.

The Free Spirit Horse Memorial feels privileged to be given the opportunity to share the recognition of the horse’s unconditional qualities of companionship and loyalty with generations to come and this tribute will also celebrate the horses that continue to serve us today through work, rehabilitation of the sick and disabled, education and of course the joy and pleasure they provide in leisure and sport.

The Website is also benig updated with images of the unveiling – www.freespiritmemorial.co.uk

Free Spirit has been created thanks to Staffordshire based volunteers and local businesses, coming together from within the Burntwood and Lichfield area, with significant contributions made by Chasetown Civil Engineers, The Co-Op (Burntwood), AA Installations (Burntwood) and A. Walker and Sons (Cannock).

Sculptress: Georgie Welch

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