Thoroughbred Census

Posted on 11th August 2023

The Thoroughbred Census

The Thoroughbred Census launched by British Racing, in partnership with Hartpury University and Retraining of Racehorses, is a significant initiative aimed at improving the welfare of racehorses beyond their racing careers. The census is set to be carried out over a six-month period, from 28 June to 31 December 2023, and all owners of former racehorses are invited to participate.

According to the Horse Welfare Board, data for former racehorses reduces significantly when they leave racing and go into private ownership, with general passport compliance at an average of 20% across the equine world.

The census’s long-term goal is to enable informed and helpful communities to be built to support thoroughbred owners, as well as to provide opportunities for retired horses to continue to compete in the equine industry. The census is an important milestone, helping to build a more sustainable and welfare-focused racing industry.

The census’s focus on data collection and traceability will make it easier to track the whereabouts and welfare of racehorses after they leave racing. If thoroughbred owners complete the census, it will enable British Racing and its aftercare charity to provide better support, access to educational resources, and routes to compete if desired. With Thoroughbred Census, British racing is taking a proactive approach to ensuring the long-term welfare of former racehorses, and it is a significant step forward for the sport.

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