The Bridleway – How Horses Shaped the British Landscape

Posted on 9th June 2023

The ABRS+ has negotiated a  20% discount on the ‘The Bridleway – How Horses Shaped the Landscape’ – a book by Tiffany Francis-Baker.  Tiffany explores how the relationship between humans and horses has shaped the British landscape, how horses have captured our wild imaginations, and how this connection has evolved and become part of our nation’s ecosystems.

To purchase visit Bloomsbury Press and use the discount code ABRS20

Discover how horses have shaped Britain’s landscape, heritage and history. Most of us have enjoyed walking on a bridleway at some time or other, but how often do we consider how these ancient networks that criss-cross the British countryside came to be? From the back of a horse, Tiffany Francis-Baker provides a new perspective on bridleways and a glimpse into their intriguing history. Revealing how horses have been woven into the fabric of British culture for thousands of years – from street and pub names to trading routes and coaching inns – Tiffany investigates why this animal, in particular, has captured our imaginations so much, how they have become part of our nation’s ecosystems and shaped the landscape around us, and how they can help us better understand nature and our place within it.

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