Spotlight on: Murton Equestrian Centre

Posted on 11th February 2020

We love hearing from our centres and this week we joined Murton Equestrian Centre to get an insight into life at their centre…

Give us a bit of background about your centre…

Our centre was opened in the 1960’s as a riding school since there was very little opportunity around to learn to ride. My family bought the centre in 1976 after three previous owners. The centre was run down and needed some TLC as did the horses we inherited. Some of the horses did not pull through and, on vets advice, were retired. My Parents weren’t at all horsey, although I did have a pony of my own kept on livery at another yard. We moved in Easter 1976 and had to live in a caravan as the house had much work to do to it. We only had a part time instructor and I was still at school therefore my non horsey parents were left with 16 horses to bring into the stables. Needless to say it took 3hrs to bring in 16 horses and ponies!

Why did you become ABRS approved?
We decided to become ABRS approved when my Father retired in 2004. I have continued to run the business since then. At the time of the takeover the riding school had ceased trading. I had to search for suitable horses and get a licence and insurance. I was offered 25% off my insurance if I affiliated with a governing body so I approached the ABRS for approval.

What makes your centre unique?

Our unique selling point is that we have survived over 40 years in the business. We have friendly staff and lovely horses. We offer good tuition to all levels of riders from 2 years old in tiny tots sessions to adults, we try to be creative and offer a variety of activities for all, e.g. competitions, camp, rallies fancy dress etc.

Have you got any plans for this year, or any special events coming up?
The year we are hosting and competing at the regional of the BHS riding school competition in February and hopefully qualifying for the National Championships in April. We will be fund raising throughout the next two months, offering dog shows, raffles. tombola etc.

We know that you love all your horses and ponies, but if you had to choose just one, who would it be and why?

If I had to choose one of our lovely horses it would be Rio.  He has been with me from the start of my management. He is about 22 years old. He is never sick or sorry. He loves his work and happily slows down for novices and disabled adults, but is happy to step up for university BUCs competitors. He doesn’t show signs of slowing down yet, thank goodness, although he only does novice jumping lessons now. If I could clone him I definitely would!

Thank you to Murton Equestrian Centre for being in the spotlight. If you would like your centre to feature just get in touch.

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