New Licensing Regulations Nov 2018

Posted on 10th December 2018

Some of you have already been subjected to the new licensing regulations when applying to renew your license, and we are receiving mixed reports.  As we were seeing previously, it appears that each council is interpreting the regulations in their own way, and possibly not fully understanding the new system of ‘higher standards’ which can be very confusing, as to qualify for that, there are two levels of requirements –  the required ones and the optional ones.  To qualify for a higher star rating all the required standards must be in place plus 50% of the optional ones.  But before you try to get the required higher standards, remember you will still need a Vets Inspection every year, even if you get a license for 3 years.

A lot of what is required is already in place for your ABRS inspection – but they are being quite hot on risk assessments so do make sure they are kept up to date. 

There are also quite a few new requirements, which are explained quite clearly in the DEFRA Guidance notes which are on our website in the Members Area, or available from the office.

Amongst the new requirements are

Cleaning regime
Prevention and control of the spread of disease
Monitoring the health and welfare of the animals
The death or escape of an animal
Grassland management
Worm control using faecal egg counts

In a nutshell – you must have records for every activity and area of your business!

The regulations regarding fire risk and control are considerably more comprehensive and I suggest you read carefully the guidance notes on P20 , item 10, Emergencies. 

The above list is far from complete, and I do advise you to read carefully through all the regulations in order to avoid confusion when you do have your council inspection.

The ABRS is still consulting with DEFRA via the BEF, but we do need your feedback in order to highlight any problems and unreasonable demands, so if any of you have had an inspection recently under the new regulations, please contact the office and tell us of your experience.

DEFRA have decided to publish guidance for local authority inspectors as they believe it is in the public interest to do so. The guidance explains the conditions that businesses need to meet in order to receive an animal activities licence.

Procedural guidance notes for local authorities

Guidance notes for conditions for hiring out horses

A copy of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 can be found here.

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