Customer Service Counts

Posted on 2nd March 2020

Sometimes it is easy to forget customer service when working within a centre. After all, it’s not like walking into Tesco or the hairdressers! However, it is really important to make sure your whole team are on board when it comes to delivering excellent customer service as it will play a huge part client retention and your centre’s success.

Customer services comes in so many different shapes and sizes, from the obvious to the little things, it won’t take much effort to ensure your clients are getting the best care:

  1. Smile! Nobody likes walking into a centre to be met by a miserable, damp looking person sat on the desk…so even if it’s cold and wet, make sure you smile!
  2. Be friendly. When your clients arrive, ask them how they are, make conversation and make them feel valued. It will put them at ease and ensure they enjoy their riding experience just that little bit more.
  3. Be efficient, be organised. Making sure your clients can seemlessly and effortlessly contact your centre and book lessons is paramount to offering excellent customer service. If you don’t always have someone in the office, try diverting the phone to your mobile so you never miss a call.
  4. Continuity. Try and keep clients with the same instructor(s) so they can gain some consistent teaching. Every instructor has a different style so when a client ‘clicks’ with one – try and stick with that combination!
  5. Everyone should feel welcome. Make sure your grooms, instructors and all other staff make every single client feel welcome. Of course, you want your staff to enjoy working with their colleagues, but chit chat in the stables that excludes the client is a big no-no. Make sure your clients feel that they are able to talk to staff and spend time at the centre without feeling unwelcome or excluded.


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