Climate Change Guide for Equestrian Establishments

Posted on 10th December 2021

Following on from the recent COP26 climate change summit, the ABRS+ are pleased to bring our members a guide to reducing their waste and emissions to contribute towards actions against climate change.

Following on from submissions of ideas and practical experience, we have produced this useful guide. Cutting your energy consumption and reducing waste can not only save energy on the whole but can help reduce your bills. We all know how simple it is to remember to recycle, reduce waste and turn lights off or unplug equipment to save electricity in our own home, but it can be a different matter when you need to manage an entire business premises, and manage staff, clients and visitors to encourage good habits for all on-site.

The guide can be downloaded here: ABRS+ Climate Change Guide

We love hearing the saving ideas from our members, so if you think of anything you do, or anything inspired by our advice then please let us know so we can include in future updates.

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