Bonfire Night – tips to help get through safely

Posted on 4th November 2020

Bonfire Night is upon us and for most that can mean a sleepless night worrying about our horses. In or out, lights on or off, rugs or no rugs…here are our top  tips to help get your horses through the night:

  • Do your research – find out when and where commercial firework displays are taking place so you can at least prepare.
  • Where possible, try not to change your horses routine. Don’t add unnecessary stress by bringing them into a stable when they are not used to it, but only leave your horse out if it is safe to do so (not near any organised displays or residential gardens that may let fireworks off). If you are leaving your horse out, check your fencing and gates are secure.
  • Ensure that either you or some experienced is staying with or checking on your horse during the evening and make sure your vets number is clearly displayed somewhere on your yard (remember: fireworks are legally allowed to be set off up to midnight on bonfire night).
  • Leave your yard radio and lights on. The lights can detract from the flashes and the radio can make noises less abrupt and sudden.
  • Stay calm! Horses can sense when people are uneasy and will react to it. If you are worried about your horse getting unmanageable, discuss sedation options with your vet.

We hope you and your horses have a settled and stress free night!

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