ABRS Test & Rosette Leagues – Halfway Standings

Posted on 4th November 2022


On 30th September we passed the halfway point in the League Tables!  There is still plenty of time to move your establishment higher in the table, but this is how things stood at ‘half time’:
| The League Tables:

The test leagues allow all of our centres to compete to see who can issue the most Introductory and Progressive Tests or Rosette Awards completed in Stable Management and Equitation over the course of a year.

There is a regular table of results for both leagues, with the eventual top two receiving plaques for 1st and 2nd places.

| How do they work?

The Test league is based upon the number of successful ABRS+ Progressive and Introductory Tests or Rosette Awards completed by each centre in both the Stable Management and Equitation tests. These tests allow riders to develop their riding and handling skills in a structured manner. Find out more here.

You can download the syllabi for the tests, and order rosettes and other test resources in the Member Area

| Get Involved

If you are a licensed riding school member and have never offered the tests, it’s easy to do! You can find more details in the Member Area, or Contact the ABRS+ Office with any questions.

At present, the ability to offer tests and rosette awards are only open to Approved Riding Centre members. We are currently considering options for Certified and Approved livery yard members to be able to offer the tests and rosette awards under certain conditions. 


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