ABRS Scottish Regional Day a Success!

Posted on 20th September 2019

Article by Prof. Brian Robinson, ABRS Scottish Liaison Officer

In total we had 23 members/non-members attending, 3 great presenters, Myself as Chairperson, Paul Reay as the ABRS Trustee finally two young ladies from Horse Haven  who dealt with the greet and general assistance of all with their signing in, goodie bags, lunch and presentation of flowers to Shelia Voas Chief Veterinary Officer and Debbie Dow ScotEID, finally a bottle of wine to James Risk.

Shelia Voas the Scottish Chief Veterinary Officers presentation went down very well with the audience bring the up to date with legislation, EVA outbreaks and management and finally the new Equine Identification regulations.  At the end much down and dirty interaction with great advice given to the members on a protocol to follow. This appeased the audience now having an objective route to follow.

Second presentation on bio security by James Risk, once more a great reception by the audience with many questions asked and answered.  The audience where very pleased with the advice and staying within the legal remits of the law of Scotland.  It did settle some old school thoughts into the 21st century with an understanding what now must be done.    There was a demonstration to just how much it costs a riding school if they have liveries or just a lack of thought whilst competing, this took everyone by complete surprise  There is a secondary presentation attached (Worming and Flu update) which we did not have time to cover and this will be sent out to the members in due course.

Third presentation by Debbie Dow from SCOTID sadly got off to a bad start due to file compatibility, after a shaking 30 minutes she took the presentation into “shoot from the Hip”.  It went down very well indeed with the actual presentation attached.  The format Debbie took was very well received by all.  

Overall an extremely successful day was had by all parties involved, the speakers enjoying audience participation, the audience enjoying the speakers and their presentations.  


Links to presentations below:

Strangles advice

Worming and vaccination

ScotEquine Presentation

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