ABRS+ Recommended Standards for Riding Helmets

Posted on 25th October 2022

Riding Helmets are critical items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Wearing one can reduce the risk of serious injury. It is crucial, therefore, that a riding helmet meets standards that are intended to ensure high levels of shock absorbency and penetration prevention. In the context of non-competitive riding routinely undertaken at Riding Schools, Livery Yards and Riding Establishments, the ABRS+ recommends the following standards:
• PAS 015 (2011)
• VG1
• SNELL (2016/2021)
ABRS+ recommend that PAS 015 and VG1 helmets should also carry the appropriate Kitemark or IC Mark.
Where the school, establishment or client does not have a riding helmet to the appropriate standard, the ABRS+ recommends that the riding helmet be replaced.
Further information on ABRS+ Recommended Riding Helmet standards can be found in the ABRS+ Guides – https://www.abrs-info.org/guides/

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