ABRS Golden Spur Award 2018

Posted on 18th August 2018

On Monday 13th August, the ABRS held a very successful Golden Spur competition at Witham Villa Riding Centre, Verity Saul’s school in Leicestershire. The panel of judges were Verity Saul, Julie Pedley from Follifoot Stables in Yorkshire and Hannah Mays.

Unfortunately one candidate’s car broke down and so he didn’t make it, but everyone else arrived on time in spite of an unexpected diversion at the end of the road!

Verity’s organisation made the day go so smoothly, her staff had fresh horses and guinea pig riders ready and waiting on time, every time; and they turned the horses out to a high standard, with most of them plaited up. The horses and riders were of the right standard for the competition, all very straightforward and no over fresh or tricky horses. Horses and riders were well matched to the candidates experience and usual clientele.

The panel had to have quite a long and interesting discussion before coming up with the winner, as it was a strong entry and a close run thing. Luckily we all came to the same conclusion in the end! 

The winner for 2018 is Ruth McLoughlin, from Spanish Bit Riding School, Berkshire, and runner up is Jane Whitney from Sandy Lane Equestrian, Cheshire. Congratulations to them both, and our thanks to the other candidates for participating.

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