07 Aug 2020

Approved Guidance for the Resumption of Scottish Outdoor Equestrian Competition

Great news from horsescotland about the resumption of outdoor equestrian competition in Scotland.

A further statement from horsescotland Chair, Grant Turnbull.

“Following my statement of earlier today, attached is the full Resumption Guidance for equestrian competition in Scotland, as approved by Scottish Government and sportscotland. We have worked continuously in the course of the day with our Member Bodies, discipline Chairs and Reps, officials, venues and organisers and we are all in agreement that this is a much needed, and most helpful, move forward.

All disciplines are now working hard to implement the Guidance to meet their individual competitive environments and I urge you, at all times, to work with, not against, what is being done.  No doubt, there will be challenges ahead across the sporting landscape to allow competition to resume in a practical manner, but public health and safety must always be to the fore.

Please support us, and others, by being part of a proactive Scottish equestrian community.”

Read the full Resumption Guidance HERE.