ABRS Apprenticeship Scheme Pressing Ahead!

Thanks to all those who have already expressed an interest in the Apprenticeship Scheme and letting us have numbers of apprentices and details of their assessor/verifier qualifications.

There is still room on the scheme for many more of you so please forward your details to Sue Maunder at tests@abrs-info.org.

We realise some of you are waiting for more detail and we have a little more to add today.

When we were looking for the most suitable Apprenticeship Scheme we went through a process of looking at what would be most beneficial to the Apprentice and give added value to the Proprietor.

Accepting that we are a part of the Leisure Industry we looked to the Activity Leadership route. It was obvious from the start that activity leadership and UKCC level 2 coaching mandatory units mapped very closely.  For those without previous experience of the delivery system you can only deliver a unit once so when delivered in one area you should not deliver the same unit in another area.

So we will hopefully deliver the majority of the activity leadership within the UKCC Level 2 coaching award. The optional Units of which the apprentices have to pick two under the Activity Leadership award are all very useful additions, not only to them but also prospective employers. As the pre-requisites to the UKCC Level 2 coaching are ABRS levels 1-6 this is an added bonus in being assured that we end up with people that are fit for employment.

By the time the apprentice has qualified and gone through several tough winters they may decide they want to leave equestrianism and look for employment in a different area, they will then find they are qualified to enter the wider leisure industry. We have a duty to the apprentice to equip them with all the skills to seek employment not only in our sector were we would hope they would settle, but in the wider employment field by improving their key skills. We will be measured not only by our success rate in delivering and completing the Apprenticeship Scheme but also on our exit strategy. Exit strategy is the amount of Apprentices that gain employment on completion.

So in summary we have the opportunity to train young people to a high standard ready to take a place in an industry striving to raise standards. At the same time giving them the opportunity to gain qualifications that gives them the skills not only for the equestrian industry but the wider leisure world.

That now brings us to the real crunch, what about the proprietor, how do you benefit?

Well not only will you have the satisfaction of training young people to the highest level but the ABRS will strive to make sure you receive the highest level of financial reward available.       

We will be able to be more specific after July 23rd following the Steering Group Meeting to be held at Peterborough and further details will be available after this date.

As members of the ABRS this whole training provider status and the benefits it can bring belongs to you. The more you support it the greater the benefits.

In the first instance please let Sue know the number of Apprentices you would be interested in registering (no need for names at this point) and any assessor or verifier qualifications you or your staff may hold.

If you require clarification on any of the above, please ring Dave Pettifor, ABRS Head of Development on 07970 692272.

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