Hard Hats for Equestrian Sport

Some love them and others prefer the free air around their heads. Find out why our trustee, Brian Robinson, is so passionate about the wearing of hard hats. (click to read the full article)

The hard hat shell is constructed to protect the grey matter within our skulls and is a vital piece of personal protection equipment (PPE).  The hard hat can often save you from a significant injury; without it, you could be in hospital for weeks with all sorts of untold damage.  Remember it’s just not the brain that takes the damage but other parts of our bodily systems that are connected to the brain.  Those who fail to wear a hard hat and get injured will also fall foul of  insurance companies when it’s time to make that claim. Hard facts but true.

The debate swings around to who should and should not be wearing a hard hat whilst involved in the noble art of riding the horse; the rider, the instructor or the lead rein leader with that frisky pony. Many who answer “only the rider of the horse needs protection” would be wrong leaving themselves open to a probable law suit and an HSE conviction that could end your career financially.

The correct answer is that all three should be wearing a hard hat under current PPE regulations.   The regulations are perfectly clear stating:

"Health and Safety Executive Personal Protective Equipment at Work.   Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992.   PART 2 Selection, use and maintenance of personal protective equipment, Pages 24 and 25. Types of protection, Paragraph 85, sub paragraph (e) clearly stipulates; leisure helmets – helmets used for activities, such as horse riding, canoeing or climbing, which protect against the risks of that particular activity. Although the regulations do not apply to professional sportspeople, these helmets are required PPE for people using them in other work circumstances, for example instructors in these activities.” This also requires the hard hat chin stay to be properly fastened up and not left undone."

The ABRS prides itself on the high standards it sets for members and would encourage everybody to follow these regulations and protect yourselves, your staff and your clients.


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