Contribute your ideas and opinions

One of the strengths of the ABRS is that you are part of a like minded network of professionals with years of knowledge and experience between you.  We would love to hear more from you and more about your schools to share with other members. Have you had any notable successes recently? Have you have some good test results?  Have any of your clients done something brilliant, whether it's a previously nervous rider going on to win their first dressage test, or another being chosen for a National team?  Have you had any interesting talks or demonstrations from anyone that others could learn from?  We always say that if you come away from a conference or course having learnt one thing you didn't know before, that's progress.  How have you coped with this dreadful weather and kept clients occupied and interested, especially those of you without indoor school?  Have you a little story about a pony on your yard who is a right character or is aged 108?  Where are the best places to buy a bargain?

We would be delighted to hear from you if so.  If there are photos, so much the better, but with your client's consent, of course.  We are really keen to promote members "talking" and sharing together and learning from each other, so if you'd like to join in -and get your school a mention at the same time - do get typing that email to Lynne at the office!

+44 (0)1403 790294