Business Rates Campaign Gathering Momentum

The Business Rates campaign led by the BHS has gained considerable momentum over the last few weeks. The following is a summary of recent activities:

  • Our rates advisor, Ian Currall has met with the VOA to discuss concerns and continues to advise ABRS members on an individual basis as requested.
  • The BHS has met with the Rt Hon Dame Caroline Spelman MP,  the Chief Executive, Head of Valuations and Specialist Valuer of the VOA too.
  • The BHS campaign featured on the front page of the Times. The news story is featured in many daily national papers as well as regional press. This reached over 7.8million readers.
  • Replies have been received from over 50 MPs who have been contacted by their constituents. If you have not contacted your MP please do this, the more MPs who are aware of the issues the stronger our voice.
  • MPs have visited riding schools and livery yards in their constituencies to hear, first hand, the devastating effect that the increase in Business Rates will have.
  • The All Party Parliamentary Group for the Horse are continuing to focus on Business Rates.
  • The BHS are joining with other rural businesses to increase the impact of the campaign. These include Horse Racing, vet practices, competition venues and polo grounds.
  • The BHS Business Rates Campaign has also featured in Horse and Hound.
  • An Awareness Raising Event hosted by the BHS is to be held in Westminster on 1 March to which all MPs will be invited.  They will also be inviting some Proprietors to speak directly to MPs

And finally, if you live in the North West,tune into the Sunday Politics show on BBC1 this Sunday, 12 February,before 11.20am to see a piece about the impact of the increase in business rates at a riding centre in Cumbria, or catch up at

We will continue to support both the BHS and the BEF on the campaign and will keep you updated on progress made.In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.

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