Apprenticeship Scheme - Training Provider Status & What it Means to You!

The ABRS is now an approved training provider delivering Level 2 Apprenticeships in Activity Leadership and UKCC Level 2. We have been approved by Active IQ who are the awarding body for the Apprenticeship.

The ABRS are, as an organisation, beginning to understand the importance of working with the BEF, other member bodies and indeed other Sports if we are to get the best for our members.

The ABRS recognising that for years Training Providers have been the main financial benefactors of training schemes; have set about trying to redress the balance.

This has meant us becoming the Training Provider so that we are the body drawing down the funding and in control of the distribution of these funds. The policy of the ABRS will be to ensure as much of the funding as possible reaches the Riding School Proprietor. The ABRS will need to retain enough of the funding to run an effective system to meet the rigorous demands of the Skills Funding Agency and OFSTED.

We are running a Pilot Scheme of 50 Apprentices in Activity Leadership with the UKCC level 2 which means incorporating the ABRS tests 1 to 6 plus Lunge Unit. Remember sport in funding terms is an activity and the skills learnt in the Activity Leadership added to the UKCC and ABRS requirements means we will end up with students that are appropriately trained for our Industry. The added benefit is that the skills learnt on the course are transferable so if a student decided later in life decided that they wanted to say become a gym instructor they would be part qualified.

We are primarily looking for students in the 16 to 18 year old range but please do not be put off registering older students. We realise many of you will already have signed with other providers for this year but where you can please support this Scheme. Our first appeal for a register of interest means there are still places available. The bad news in all this is that the scheme is only open to schools in England.

To help support you and others we also need to know if you or any of your staff have assessor or verifier qualifications. Even if you are not registering a student this time let us know what qualifications you hold so we can update our data base to help us plan for the future.

By the time you have registered your interest we will be in a position to say what the financial rewards will be. What we can say on the financial side is that your rewards will be far greater with the ABRS than any other provider.

To register your interest click HERE

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